Map of Plagues, Mapwalker #2,  Audiobook

Map of Plagues, Mapwalker #2, Audiobook

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A city threatened by an ancient plague. A love across borders. A desperate choice that could break their worlds apart forever.

Audiobook, narrated by Charlie Sanderson, delivered by Bookfunnel, listen on any device.

When a fragment of a deadly map is recovered from a medieval plague pit in London, the Mapwalker team must cross over into the Borderlands once more.
In a race against time, they must find the remaining pieces of the map in a journey across long-lost cities before the Shadow Cartographers wield it against Earthside in a devastating attack.

Can Sienna resist the call of the Shadow as she struggles to save her home?

Will Finn take a risk on love across borders or leave the Earthsiders to their fate?

Map of Plagues is book 2 of the Mapwalker fantasy adventure trilogy.

The Mapwalker Fantasy trilogy:
- Map of Shadows #1
- Map of Plagues #2
- Map of the Impossible #3

Audiobook, narrated by Charlie Sanderson, delivered by Bookfunnel, listen on any device.

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"I found it impossible to stop reading Map of Plagues from the opening scene in a medieval London plague pit to the final scene in Bath, England so I read the entire book in one sitting. The author is a gifted, highly imaginative storyteller. Her writing is vivid and riveting ..."

Norman E. Sindlinger
5 star Amazon review

"These well written characters are compelling, and complex... I loved the adventure, exciting action, magic, and magical creatures ... plenty of extraordinary twists in the plot that kept me turning the pages, and reading until the early morning. Fantastic, I can't wait for the next book!"

Laure Eccleston
5 start Amazon review

"This is a truly imaginative series. Some of the characters can walk through maps to other worlds and some can use their blood and skin to draw maps when they have none. Some can bring their drawings to life and some can use water as a weapon. The villians are especially dark. And the conflict between love and duty is beautifully portrayed."

5 star Amazon review

"Grabbed me by the throat and wouldn't let me go. Whatever it took, I had to read more, and I did until my eyes crossed last night. Today I finished, and like a shadow, it is still under my skin."

Mary A Madsen
5 star Amazon review

A world off the edge of the map ...

In the Mapwalker dark fantasy trilogy, Sienna Farren must discover how to use her Mapwalker ability and work together with the Mapwalker team to defeat the forces of the Borderlands before Earthside is invaded.

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