Map of the Impossible, Mapwalker #3
Map of the Impossible, Mapwalker #3
Map of the Impossible, Mapwalker #3

Map of the Impossible, Mapwalker #3

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A journey through the realm of the dead. A threat that will change the world. A choice that might save everything—or end it all.

As natural disasters sweep Earthside, a mutant army rises in the Borderlands, driven by the dark force behind the Shadow Cartographers. 

Sienna and the Mapwalker team must use the Map of the Impossible to journey through the realm of the dead and face the nightmare at its heart. 

But when one of their number is taken and the team begins to break apart, each Mapwalker must face their greatest challenge.

Can the Mapwalker team reach the Tower of the Winds before the Shadow claims Earthside?

Will Sienna choose Finn — or turn away from the Borderlands forever? 

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Pages  212



5 x 0.52 x 8 inches




Fantasy Action & Adventure, Dark Fantasy, 


Mapwalker, Book 3

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"This is one of those series that gets the reader very invested in the story and the characters ... I’m feeling a sense of loss knowing that this was the end of the series ... The story was awesome and ended in a way that made it the best possible story to conclude the series."

David C Taylor
5 star Amazon review

"Just like with Stephen King, Penn has the gift to give her readers a heart pounding hellacious read, scare the crap out of you, yet you're glued to every word, you don't want it to end and they leave you begging for more please ... Loaded with action, with an extra helping of twist and turns and best of all, good conquers evil."

5 star Amazon review

"Penn certainly pulled out all stops to ensure a dazzling action oriented extravaganza of supernatural interplay with the world in both realms at stake ... A brilliant conclusion to a unique fantasy trilogy that will draw contemplation from the reader long after closing the book."

Manie Kilian
5 star Amazon review

"The characters seemed to jump off the pages and engulf me in the story. Her storytelling is always impeccable, hypnotizing, and the suspense is unrelenting. The characters live and breathe, and it's because of that that the plot is propelled to its ultimate, satisfying climax."

Kathy Floyd
5 star Amazon review

A world off the edge of the map ...

In the Mapwalker dark fantasy trilogy, Sienna Farren must discover how to use her Mapwalker ability and work together with the Mapwalker team to defeat the forces of the Borderlands before Earthside is invaded.

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