Mapwalker Fantasy Trilogy Paperback Bundle
Mapwalker Fantasy Trilogy Paperback Bundle
Mapwalker Fantasy Trilogy Paperback Bundle
Mapwalker Fantasy Trilogy Paperback Bundle

Mapwalker Fantasy Trilogy Paperback Bundle

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The complete Mapwalker Trilogy: Map of Shadows, Map of Plagues, Map of the Impossible in paperback. Also available in ebook and audiobook editions.

Map of Shadows

A map of skin etched in blood. A world under threat from the Borderlands. A young woman who must risk the shadows to save her family.

When her Grandfather is murdered under mysterious circumstances, Sienna Farren inherits his map shop in the ancient city of Bath, England. She discovers that her family is bound up with the Ministry of Maps, a mysterious agency who maintain the borders between this world and the Uncharted.

With the help of Mila Wendell, a traveler on the canals, Sienna discovers her own magical ability and a terrifying place of blood that awaits in the world beyond.

But when she discovers a truth about her past and the Borderlands begin to push through the defenses, Sienna must join the team of Mapwalkers on their mission to find the Map of Shadows – whatever the cost.

In a place written out of history, a world off the edge of the map, Sienna must risk everything to find her father…and her true path as a Mapwalker.

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Map of Plagues

A city threatened by an ancient plague. A love across borders. A desperate choice that could break their worlds apart forever.

When a fragment of a deadly map is recovered from a medieval plague pit in London, the Mapwalker team must cross over into the Borderlands once more.
In a race against time, they must find the remaining pieces of the map in a journey across long-lost cities before the Shadow Cartographers wield it against Earthside in a devastating attack.

Can Sienna resist the call of the Shadow as she struggles to save her home? Will Finn take a risk on love across borders or leave the Earthsiders to their fate?

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Map of the Impossible 

A journey through the realm of the dead. A threat that will change the world. A choice that might save everything—or end it all.

As natural disasters sweep Earthside, a mutant army rises in the Borderlands, driven by the dark force behind the Shadow Cartographers. 

Sienna and the Mapwalker team must use the Map of the Impossible to journey through the realm of the dead and face the nightmare at its heart. 

But when one of their number is taken and the team begins to break apart, each Mapwalker must face their greatest challenge.

Can the Mapwalker team reach the Tower of the Winds before the Shadow claims Earthside? 
Will Sienna choose Finn — or turn away from the Borderlands forever?

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A world off the edge of the map ...

In the Mapwalker dark fantasy trilogy, Sienna Farren must discover how to use her Mapwalker ability and work together with the Mapwalker team to defeat the forces of the Borderlands before Earthside is invaded.



"Penn doesn't hold back. She starts off with a bang and never lets up in this brand new take on what maps are for. Loved it."

5 star Amazon review

"I am hooked. It's not too often that I immediately get sucked into a story. But this one took hold of me and wouldn't let go. It's different, raw, enchanting. I found myself reading non-stop into late hours, despite my body begging for sleep. This book has a thin line between fantasy and reality. You can easily compare what's happening in our world to what's going on in the mapwalkers' world. But this book also gives you an escape we often find ourselves craving. I highly recommend reading."

AR Jones
5 start Amazon review

"Always walking the edge between the dark and lighter sides of human nature, in Map Of Shadows that edge becomes razor sharp and cuts deep. It draws dark, magical blood.

I do recommend this book, but only if one first clears the schedule to read without stop. Once the reader steps inside this worlds and its “black mirror” there’s no getting out until the author closes the gates."

Mary A. Madsen
5 star Amazon review

"Oblivious to the existence of the Borderlands, Sienna is unwittingly thrust into an age-old conflict by the mysterious, violent death of her estranged grandfather. Little does she realize that she possesses magical abilities essential to the protection of Earth against those from the other side of the Borderlands who covet our very existence.
This book enthralled and engaged me from the very start. It's a highly imaginative, fast-paced plot that should appeal to fantasy lovers everywhere."

5 star Amazon review

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Debbie H
Outstanding Adventure

Here is another great read in this series. It was hard to put down. All of the books in the series are outstanding. Very suspenseful and will keep you on the edge of your seat. Intriguing.

Teena/ Newf Mom
Awesome stories and characters

I believe these are my favorites!!

Book 1 I really enjoy these characters. These books are different from her other writings. I like the bases of the stories. You can’t put it down.
Book 2 we go with Sienna, Mills and Perry back to the Borderlands. They must find pieces of a very deadly map. They run into all sorts of trouble. This book keeps you reading not wanting to put it down. Looking forward to the next book.
Book 3. These books are great. The borderlands are so different from the earth side. The people of the Borderlands wants to be on the Earthside. The Mapwalkers must find a way to go back in and save a member of their team. They have to stop the Shadowlands from claiming Earthside. I will miss these stories they are really interesting.