J.F. Penn Reading Order

I write across different genres, so you can choose your adventure through my books, depending on what you like to read/listen to.

My stories are fast-paced, have an edge of the supernatural, and circle around the theme of good vs evil. I love travel and book research, so most of my stories are rooted in real life and real places, twisted into fiction.

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ARKANE Action Adventure Thrillers

ARKANE agents Morgan Sierra and Jake Timber race against time to solve supernatural mysteries around the world.

For fans of Dan Brown, James Rollins, Steve Berry, or Clive Cussler. The action vibe of Lara Croft and Indiana Jones, with a touch of James Bond.

While this is a series, you can enjoy the books out of order, or as stand-alone adventures.

Stone of Fire #1

Crypt of Bone #2

Ark of Blood #3

One Day in Budapest #4

Day of the Vikings #5

(which also features Blake Daniel from the Brooke & Daniel crime thriller series)

Gates of Hell #6

One Day in New York #7

Destroyer of Worlds #8

End of Days #9

Valley of Dry Bones #10

Tree of Life #11

Tomb of Relics #12

Soldiers of God — stand-alone short story

Brooke and Daniel crime thrillers

Rebellious detective Jamie Brooke teams up with Blake Daniel, a museum researcher with the supernatural ability to read the history of objects, as they pursue a serial killer across London.

This is complete as a trilogy, but each book can be read as stand-alone.

For fans of John Connolly, Stephen King, and Mo Hayder.

Desecration #1

Delirium #2

Deviance #3

Mapwalker Dark Fantasy Trilogy

A world off the edge of the map.

In the Mapwalker dark fantasy trilogy, Sienna Farren must discover how to use her Mapwalker ability and work together with the Mapwalker team to defeat the forces of the Borderlands before Earthside is invaded.

This is a complete trilogy, and is best read in order. For fans of Laini Taylor and Leigh Bardugo.

Map of Shadows #1

Map of Plagues #2

Map of the Impossible #3

Stand-alone Books and Short Stories

I enjoy writing across different worlds and genres and use short stories to expand my ideas. Each of the stories are stand-alone and can be read in any order.

Catacomb. Walker Kane didn't believe in monsters ... Until they came for his daughter.

Risen Gods. Dark fantasy thriller set in New Zealand / Aotearoa. Full-length.

A Thousand Fiendish Angels. Three short stories inspired by Dante's Inferno, linked by a book of human skin.

With a Demon's Eye. How far would you go to see again? Short story.

The Dark Queen. An underwater archaeology short story, set on an ancient site off the coast of Egypt. Short story.

Blood, Sweat, and Flame. Is victory worth blood, sweat, and flame? Set in a glassblowing hot shop. Short story inspired by Netflix series Blown Away.

A Midwinter Sacrifice. A dark short story inspired by the Bath Christmas markets.

Beneath the Zoo. Some secrets are meant to stay buried. Short story.

De-Extinction of the Nephilim. Unearth the past. Awaken the future. Archaeology/technothriller short story.

Travel Memoir

My travels inspire my fiction, and I have visited most of the places in my books. Pilgrimage is my first travel memoir, based on three pilgrimage walks I did 2020-2022.

It features my lessons learned about walking pilgrimage, aspects of faith, and midlife. It also features places that I have written about in my fiction.

Canterbury Cathedral is also in Tomb of Relics, Santiago de Compostela cathedral is in Stone of Fire, and Lindisfarne is in Day of the Vikings.

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