Stone of Fire, ARKANE Thriller #1
Stone of Fire, ARKANE Thriller #1
Stone of Fire, ARKANE Thriller #1
Stone of Fire, ARKANE Thriller #1

Stone of Fire, ARKANE Thriller #1

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When fire falls from the heavens… will the whole world burn?

Dr. Morgan Sierra, an Oxford University psychologist with a deadly past, doesn’t know the answer to that question — and doesn’t care. All she knows is that her sister and niece have been abducted, held hostage for the stone pendants that Morgan and her sister wear: two of twelve relics once owned by the original Apostles.

Forged in fire and wind, drowned in the blood of martyrs, the twelve Pentecost stones have been kept secret for two thousand years. But now the Keepers of the stones are being murdered, and the relics stolen by Thanatos, a shadowy group dedicated to remaking the world into a living Hell.

The authorities are clueless; the world lies helpless. And Thanatos grows more powerful with each stone they take.

Enter Jake Timber — agent of ARKANE, the British agency tasked with investigating the supernatural. Jake knows some of the secrets Morgan needs to save her family, but can’t stop Thanatos without her help. Only together can they stop Thanatos before the stones are captured, before Morgan’s family is murdered, and before the world is changed forever.

From flooded ruins in Italy, to religious sites in Israel, to the far reaches of Iran and Tunisia, Morgan and Jake must race across the world to find the stones before Thanatos gathers the relics and uses their power to turn Earth into a living Hell.

But every step they take brings Morgan and Jake closer to the end. To the knife edge between salvation and madness. To the moment when Morgan will have to decide whether she will save her family… or save the world.

Time is running out. Thanatos draws near. And the day of Pentecost is at hand.

Stone of Fire is the first book in the ARKANE series by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author J.F. Penn.

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Pages  224



5 x 0.56 x 8 inches




Action Adventure, Supernatural Thriller, Conspiracy


ARKANE Thrillers, Book 1

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"If you love action-adventure thrillers with a bit of mysticism thrown in, you will love being pulled along on this hair raising, skin of your teeth ride. I adore this author's style."

Sharon R
5 star Amazon review

"I whipped through this novel. Absolutely loved the well researched historical elements.
The characters were well drawn and believable. It's like Lara Croft meets Indiana Jones and Babylon Rising."

Ngaruawahia Girl
5 star Amazon review

"Fascinating read. This may be the most interesting story I have read in a very long time. The author has an amazing way of blending religious ideology and paranormal into a story that is captivating and interesting."

5 star Amazon review

"Anyone who enjoys Dan Brown will want to read this book ( and the rest of the ARKANE series ). I know there are many books appearing in this genre but J.F. Penn REALLY DOES stand out from the crowd. This book is easy to read, it grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go until the very last page.

Ms. L. Haycocks
5 star Amazon review

In the ARKANE thriller series ...

ARKANE agents Morgan Sierra and Jake Timber race against time to solve religious and supernatural mysteries around the world.

They're joined by other members of the ARKANE team as they search for clues and battle foes both human and supernatural along the way.

Described by fans as "Dan Brown meets Lara Croft," and perfect for fans of James Rollins or Steve Berry.

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The first book in the Arkane series is adventurous and intense. Morgan and Jake have to find the 12 Pentecost stones before resurgam comet hits. Everett needs the stones to try to heal his brother Michael. Everett has Morgans sister Faye and Gemme and she needs to get the stones to Everett to save her family. Morgan and Jake had to overcome lots of life and death situations. If you enjoy intense and adventure, you will greatly enjoy this series.