Soldiers of God. An ARKANE Short Story
Soldiers of God. An ARKANE Short Story
Soldiers of God. An ARKANE Short Story
Soldiers of God. An ARKANE Short Story
Soldiers of God. An ARKANE Short Story
Soldiers of God. An ARKANE Short Story

Soldiers of God. An ARKANE Short Story

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When ARKANE Archivist Martin Klein joins the Vatican digital archiving project, he finds an ancient letter mistakenly scanned along with the medieval papal decree Militia Dei, Soldiers of God.

It points to a dark secret the Knights Templar once tried to erase from existence, hidden in a medieval fortress under the heart of Paris for almost a thousand years.

As Martin follows the trail to the hidden Templar crypt, aided by biblical scholar Camara Mbaye, they discover something unspeakable in the vaults below Paris.

Who are the Soldiers of God and why must they rest until needed?

This is a short story featuring Martin Klein and Dr Camara Mbaye from my ARKANE world. It fits after Tomb of Relics, book 12 of the ARKANE action-adventure thriller series, but can be read as a stand-alone story.

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"A wonderful short story featuring one of my favorite characters, Martin Klein ... the “brainiac” behind the unbelievable research the [ARKANE] team uses ... The story must be read to believe what they found. Wow. Well worth reading. The story is so short you can just read cover to cover at one sitting. It’s definitely worth it. Highly recommend."

5 star Amazon review

"An excellent short story ... If you enjoy stories that make you think and whet your appetite for more, grab a copy of Soldiers of God, or if you love the ARKANE stories this short story is a must read. If you are new to the ARKANE stories, this would be an excellent gateway story to get you hooked on the series."

David C. Taylor
5 start Amazon review

"If you're looking for a quick read into a great, new adventure with the team from ARKANE, this is it!! Penn writes with vivid detail so you feel like you're right there with the characters and living the adventure. Isn't that what it's all about?? If you're like me and love anything about Templars and what the Vatican may be hiding from us all, then pick this up! Always a fun time with JFPenn and her thriller adventures!"

5 star Amazon review

"What do I like about Soldiers of God? How about its intelligent storyline! Smart dialog! Very interesting characters! J.F. Penn can certainly create and tell a story. The subject matter hit a nerve with me....this is something that I would really, really like to do in my golden years! Cataloging ancient Church documents before time and environment destroys our history. I mean, wow!"

Dennis H.
5 star Amazon review

In the ARKANE thriller series ...

ARKANE agents Morgan Sierra and Jake Timber race against time to solve religious and supernatural mysteries around the world.

They're joined by other members of the ARKANE team — including Martin Klein — as they search for clues and battle foes both human and supernatural along the way.

Described by fans as "Dan Brown meets Lara Croft," and perfect for fans of James Rollins or Steve Berry.

Soldiers of God is a stand-alone short story that can be read at any point in the series. It fits after book 12, Tomb of Relics if you want to read chronologically.

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Customer Reviews

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More of Martin, please!

I loved the story and hope it inspires a full-length novel!


This is a fascinating short story. I makes you wonder if there could be any truth in what the author writes, in a different way obviously. Highly recommended

John Ferriso
Soldiers of God

A great read! Crowded streets and a detailed crowded city. History enthusiasts will enjoy all that is described beneath the street.

Kathryn Read
Oh that final twist!!!!

The scene setting is masterful - I love JF Penn's descriptions that really bring locations & characters to life. You're drawn right into the suspense of the story, before it twists in a completely unexpected way and ends leaving you wanting more!!
Will be interesting to see if there are further novels or novellas based on this story and the characters.

I received a free review copy and chose to write a review with my honest opinion. I'm not a great fan of the short story genre, but this one really had me hooked.

Jon K.
Fun Short Story

This short story features Martin Klein, who I have always loved in the ARKANE series. A fun little short that leaves one wondering ……..