End of Days, ARKANE #9, Audiobook

End of Days, ARKANE #9, Audiobook

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Today is the beginning, and tonight is the end…

Audiobook, narrated by Veronica Giguere, delivered by Bookfunnel, listen on any device.

A Babylonian tomb filled with the skeletons of snakes. Seven seals scattered around the world. A young woman, Lilith, who speaks in tongues before covering herself with living serpents. The Brotherhood of the Serpent sees it all, and knows the time of their greatest prophecy — set to occur under a pattern of stars that only align once every four thousand years — is at hand.

Soon the leader of the Brotherhood — Samael, known as Venom, the Angel of Death — will fulfill his destiny: to give Lilith the venom that will summon the Great Serpent to consume the world. 

The only thing standing in their way are Morgan Sierra and Jake Timber, the top agents of ARKANE.

A secret British agency tasked with protecting the world from supernatural powers, ARKANE has long operated in the shadows to keep the world safe. 

But not even Morgan and Jake can guess at the danger they’re about to face. A danger that will take them from the ruins of Iraq to the mist-wreathed Appalachian Mountains, from ancient archeological sites in Israel to the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs — Morgan and Jake have to move fast if they want to stop Samael and Lilith from fulfilling their destinies.

Darkness holds sway. The stars align. And Morgan and Jake will have to sacrifice all they hold dear to have a hope of stopping the End of Days.

In her ninth ARKANE book, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author J.F. Penn, taps into the darkest fears to bring you the thrilling adventure End of Days. Click “Buy Now” and get your copy, because the End of Days is at hand!

Audiobook, narrated by Veronica Giguere, delivered by Bookfunnel, listen on any device.

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"This book, like her others, is a tour de force that will eat your whole day and keep you up late to find out what comes next.
Love the characters, the scenery, the story.
Just remember that this book will make you ignore your husband, your children, and your job. Try to wait for a Saturday morning to start reading, and have someone nearby to bring you food and drink."

5 star Amazon review

"Once again J.F. Penn has written an exciting and suspense-filled adventure that takes the reader around the world. My favorite aspect of her writing is how she blends true historic facts with religious beliefs/themes and supernatural adventure ... I loved it and read it in one day. You won't be disappointed."

Donna Young
5 star Amazon review

"Absolutely addictive, J.F. Penn's writing style just sucks you in, your right their in the action, on the edge of the seat cheering that Morgan, Jake, Martin and the rest of the ARKANE crew to defeat evil and it's a read that you don't want to see end."

5 star Amazon review

"I never thought I would like a book about snakes. But Joanna has proved me wrong. End of Days just grabs you and pulls you in right to the very end!
The characters are very real; Morgan, Jake and the others seem just like you and me. I am astounded at all of the research that had to be done for this book; in every way the author is bringing you new insight into history and current times ... I would recommend all of Joanna's books for some entertaining reading!"

Alice Seidel
5 star Amazon review

In the ARKANE thriller series ...

ARKANE agents Morgan Sierra and Jake Timber race against time to solve religious and supernatural mysteries around the world.

They're joined by other members of the ARKANE team as they search for clues and battle foes both human and supernatural along the way.

Described by fans as "Dan Brown meets Lara Croft," and perfect for fans of James Rollins or Steve Berry.

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