Deviance, Brooke & Daniel Crime Thriller #3
Deviance, Brooke & Daniel Crime Thriller #3
Deviance, Brooke & Daniel Crime Thriller #3

Deviance, Brooke & Daniel Crime Thriller #3

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In a perfect world, the deviant cannot be permitted to live.

Someone has been murdering sex workers and those on the margins of the city, flaying the skin from their bodies, and leaving them as a warning to others like them.

Jamie Brooke used to be a police officer. But there’s no place on the force for someone who wasn’t fast enough to stop a killer from attacking Parliament and killing a friend.

Blake Daniel is on the verge of being fired, his life and his mind in tatters. Cursed with the ability to “see” the murderous past of certain objects and relics, his life has become a waking nightmare — his only relief at the bottom of a bottle.

They’ve had their fill of danger and death, and just want to be left alone… but evil isn’t done with either of them. So when the body of a priest is discovered — stabbed and slashed, skin flayed off, and white feathers stuffed in his mouth — Jamie and Blake find themselves enmeshed in the web of murders terrifying the city.

The community is paralyzed. The police are powerless — or maybe even covering up the murders. It’s up to Jamie and Blake to solve their darkest mystery yet.

And they have to hurry. More death is coming. Because the murderers want one simple thing: perfection. And that can’t exist in a world with any DEVIANCE.

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Pages  234



5 x 0.59 x 8 inches




Crime, Mystery, Psychic, Supernatural Thriller


Brooke & Daniel, Book 3

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"What a great book ... You never know what is coming next. You feel like the characters are people you know and want to help. The end leaves you wanting more."

Darlene A
5 star Amazon review

"I didn't think it was possible, but J.F. Penn has outdone herself with Deviance, the third instalment of the series. The book is one of the most sensual books I've yet read, but it never once dips into the lewd or even depict graphic sex. The book smolders on the embers of darkness and sensuality."

Mary A Madsen
5 star Amazon review

"A riveting and dark story ... grabs you right from the start. The characters, especially Jamie and Blake, are intriguing, wounded and sensuous. The research and historical context is extensive ... I highly recommend this book especially if you enjoy fast paced edge of your seat thrillers."

Heather Storey
5 star Amazon review

"Fast-paced action thriller ... well-written and well researched ... filled with intrigue and peppered with spectacular twists and turns. The author is a master in blending unusual historical fact into a modern setting and has an exceptional talent for capturing the essence of good and evil ... First rate writing: bold, beautiful and horrific."

Toni Osborne
5 star Amazon review

A serial killer stalks London

When rebellious detective Jamie Brooke is assigned to a murder at an anatomy museum, she enlists the help of Blake Daniel, a museum researcher with the supernatural ability to read the history of objects.

Together they must find the killer in a race against time, even as they battle their own personal struggles.

A crime thriller trilogy with a supernatural edge.

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Customer Reviews

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Ronel Janse van Vuuren
There's a masquerade ball

An interesting premise, but without the historical detail and emotional punch of the previous books.

The Masquerade Ball and all it entailed was the best part of the book. The end, with all the climbing, reminded me a bit of the film “Annie” where she climbed the train rails pursued by Tim Curry – all the fear included.

A bit more about Blake and his job and how the current museum exhibition correlated with where Jamie now lived and worked and what that loon Cameron wanted would have added a bit more colour. There was room to mirror Jack the Ripper and the modern-day skin stealer along with others who persecuted prostitutes and those with tattoos; could have added that zing of secret societies and sanctioned torture the previous books had. I think it goes back to my initial assessment.

Still, a thrilling tale. I’d like to know more about Blake’s family…