Tomb of Relics, ARKANE #12, Novella, Ebook
Tomb of Relics, ARKANE #12, Novella, Ebook
Tomb of Relics, ARKANE #12, Novella, Ebook

Tomb of Relics, ARKANE #12, Novella, Ebook

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A supernatural relic. A thousand-year-old conspiracy. A madman who turns death into art. It's all in a day's work for the agents of ARKANE.

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When a priceless relic disappears from Canterbury Cathedral, ARKANE – the agency tasked with protecting the world from supernatural adversaries – fears the worst… and sends its best.

Now, ARKANE agents Morgan Sierra and Jake Timber are on the job. Across Europe, through historical cities and into spectral forests forgotten by time, Morgan and Jake will follow the bloody trail of hidden relics wherever it leads, whatever the cost.

But even they aren’t ready for what’s coming.

Their hunt will lead them beyond danger, beyond darkness to the shadowed heart of a hidden citadel where lives an evil unlike any they’ve ever seen… and to a dark choice that will change them both forever.

NY Times and USA Today bestselling author J.F. Penn invites you to brave her most thrilling adventure yet. A world of the strange. A world of the supernatural. A world… of the ARKANE.

Ebook, delivered by Bookfunnel, read on any device.

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"A Templar who found a heart to give eternal life; a stolen relic; a crazed jeweler; a doctor brokering body parts. Another great adventure thriller by Penn weaves religion, history, and legends. I love this ARKANE series!"

Patricia Danna
5 star Amazon review

"Penn takes us on a non-stop, supernatural ride. A banished Crusader Knight’s macabre discovery in the ancient Holy Land will centuries later engage ARKANE’s agents, Morgan Sierra, and Jake Timber in a life or death struggle for survival in this high-paced supernatural thriller."

Norman A Sindlinger
5 star Amazon review

"I was already a fan of the ARKANE series, but [this] is my new favorite; bringing together all of my favorite things. A kick-ass female lead, a handsome counterpart, ancient history and relics ...It definitely left me wanting more! J.F. Penn never disappoints."

5 star Amazon review

In the ARKANE thriller series ...

ARKANE agents Morgan Sierra and Jake Timber race against time to solve religious and supernatural mysteries around the world.

They're joined by other members of the ARKANE team as they search for clues and battle foes both human and supernatural along the way.

Described by fans as "Dan Brown meets Lara Croft," and perfect for fans of James Rollins or Steve Berry.

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Normand Girard
Tomb of Relics

I received a review copy from the author and this is my honest review. Another wonderful thriller from this author where we see Morgan and Jake take on an "anchorite", although they do not know this until after their lives are placed in jeopardy. Here we read about Thomas Becket killed by Knights as the background to the story, then we visit Canterbury, Krakow, Cologne and Northumberland - a fascinating read.

Loved It

As Morgan Sierra and Jake Timber search for a supernatural relic taken from the Dean of Canterbury Cathedral they realize there are more missing artifacts and follow the trail in search of the thieves. The search eventually leads them to a hidden citadel and an unexpected evil. If you enjoy an exciting story you’ll enjoy Tomb of Relics.

Leona Ennis
Too exciting to put down!

I received a copy of Tomb of Relics from the author, J. F. Penn, and this is my honest review.
I loved the book! It had just enough excitement to keep my interest. Morgan Sierra and Jake Timber work for ARKANE, an agency apparently with unlimited resources. This time they have been called to go to Canterbury Cathedral in England to solve the theft of a relic from St. Thomas Acquinas. The case takes them to Krakow, Poland; Cologne, Germany and Northumberland, England. My only complaint is that I wanted more to read!

Great 12th book of the ARKANE series

I was very intrigued by the title - what does Tomb of Relics refer to? I didn’t need to read a lot to find the answer as this is explained in the very first chapter/prologue of the book.
In book #12 of this series, ARKANE agents Morgan Sierra and Jake Timber go on yet another dark and mysterious mission. Morgan is called to Canterbury where a relic of Thomas Becket has been stolen. Who is behind the theft of a splinter of bone thought to have come from the skull of the martyr?
As usual for J. F. Penn’s novels, a rollicking rollercoaster of a story ensues which takes the protagonists to such interesting locations as Krakow and Cologne cathedral.
The big showdown and reveal, however, take place in England ... and once again Morgan and Jake have to face mortal danger.
The ARKANE series would make such a terrific movie/TV series as the storys offer so many visually exciting scenes and locations. While I love picturing it all in my head, it would be so interesting to see how a filmmaker would bring this all to life.
I received an advance copy from the author; this did not influence my opinion.

Ronel Janse van Vuuren
Relic hunting at its best

A new fast-paced adventure for Morgan and Jake.

I enjoyed the descriptions of the places they went, the history of the relics they sought, and the eerie citadel where everything ends.

I’m not sure the relic hunting, the main bad guy’s intentions and the final battle all aligned perfectly (like why did he want the long bones of the Magi?), but it was a fun and thrilling read.

*I received an ARC from the author and this is my honest opinion.