One Day in New York, ARKANE #7
One Day in New York, ARKANE #7
One Day in New York, ARKANE #7

One Day in New York, ARKANE #7

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Any wish can be granted: money, power… even death itself can be beaten back. All it takes is the blood of an angel.

When a woman is tortured, hung from a cross, and burned alive in the center of New York City, Jake Timber is already on his way. 

Tasked with locating an extremist group interested in a recently discovered relic, the Cloisters Cross, Jake expected trouble. After all, as one of the top agents of ARKANE, the secret organization entrusted with protecting the world from supernatural threats, he’s been in the game a long time, and has saved the world more than once. 

But that’s the problem. Battered and broken again and again, the constant physical and mental struggles of his ARKANE missions have left Jake scarred.

Now, his investigation will lead Jake to the Blood of the Angel: a relic that can grant any wish to whoever drinks its contents. A race against time, and against the infinite resources of Gilles Noiret, a dying, ruthless billionaire willing to sacrifice anyone else to save his own life.

But this time, the race is different. Because this time Jake isn’t sure if he’s trying to stop Gilles and save the world… or if he’s looking for the Blood of the Angel so he can use it himself. What price would he pay to ease his own pain? Would he sacrifice one person? Two?

Or maybe even an entire city?

One Day in New York (readable as part of the bestselling ARKANE series or as a standalone title) is a supernatural adventure thriller from the mind of New York Times and USA Today bestselling author J.F. Penn.

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Pages  116

5 x 0.28 x 8 inches




Action Adventure, Supernatural Thriller, Conspiracy


ARKANE Thrillers, Book 7

Audiobook narrated by Veronica Giguere (US, female)

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"Another great Arkane adventure! I love the way J.F.Penn tells her stories. They stories keep me on the edge of my chair, wanting to see where her characters(in this case-Jake) takes me to next. Plenty of adventure, suspense and thrills to keep you wanting more."

Darryl L Grimley
5 star Amazon review

"My first reaction – wow!!! Another ARKANE book and one set in New York! ... Though this is a ARKANE # 7 book, it is a wonderful stand-alone thriller ... As always, Joanna's knowledge of religious artifacts and her mastery over religious history is superb as seen in this book."

Uma Iyer Van Roosenbeek
5 star Amazon review

"Penn's writing is like mind-candy. Not to diminish or in any way take away from the intricate plots, detailed characters, fabulous geography and culture, or historical and religious research done! This story is best read in one sitting if possible, to get the full blast of pictures that the author intends."

D. Dobler
5 star Amazon review

"Atrocity on the High Line leads returning ARKANE agent on a chase through New York City to retrieve a religious relic that could have disastrous consequences. The Cloisters Cross,a fallen angel, a dying billionaire and Jake's strong moral code creates a huge action thiller in a short novel. Creative story line and extremely well written."

Myles Cohen
5 star Amazon review

In the ARKANE thriller series ...

ARKANE agents Morgan Sierra and Jake Timber race against time to solve religious and supernatural mysteries around the world.

They're joined by other members of the ARKANE team as they search for clues and battle foes both human and supernatural along the way.

Described by fans as "Dan Brown meets Lara Croft," and perfect for fans of James Rollins or Steve Berry.

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Five Stars

Another great book. Looking forward to the next one. Nice to see Jake back in action.