Desecration, Brooke & Daniel Crime Thriller #1
Desecration, Brooke & Daniel Crime Thriller #1
Desecration, Brooke & Daniel Crime Thriller #1
Desecration, Brooke & Daniel Crime Thriller #1
Desecration, Brooke & Daniel Crime Thriller #1
Desecration, Brooke & Daniel Crime Thriller #1
Desecration, Brooke & Daniel Crime Thriller #1

Desecration, Brooke & Daniel Crime Thriller #1

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Someone out there is murdering the living… and desecrating the dead.

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Detective Jamie Brooke is a woman in the depths of despair. Her career is on the ropes. Her daughter is dying — there are only hours left before the end, and decisions have to be made.

Museum curator Blake Daniel is a man on the edge of destruction. Cursed with the ability to “read” objects — to see where they’ve come from, and the bloody histories they experience — Blake splits his time between working as a researcher at the British Museum… and binge-drinking to forget his nightmare visions.

Together, these two broken souls are all that stand between London and a brutal killer. A young woman has been murdered, her uterus and unborn child removed during a gala event at a college of surgeons, any of whom could have committed the crime. The only clue is a small ivory Anatomical Venus, dating to the seventeenth century.

Body modification, grave robbery, Nazi eugenics, a laboratory that specializes in extreme genetic experiments. All come together to create a mystery unlike any Jamie has experienced, and a danger greater than any Blake has ever seen in his visions.

It will take all Jamie’s detective skills, and all Blake’s psychic abilities, to find the killer. To end the murders. To stop something that wants to destroy all that is good… and leave behind only DESECRATION.

Desecration is the first book in a thrilling series by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author J.F. Penn: a blend of crime, psychological thriller — and the supernatural. 

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Pages  264



5 x 0.66 x 8 inches




Crime, Mystery, Psychic, Supernatural Thriller


Brooke & Daniel, Book 1

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"Desecration is focused on a surgically precise murder, which is perfectly appropriate, because this story eviscerates its readers. It had me hunched over the screen in horror and sitting back in tears, within the first two chapters. By the end of the book I was a mess, but what a ride!
This is a meticulously researched and emotionally gripping story created by an author at the height of her powers."

Spineless Reviews
5 star Amazon review

"I was not sure what to expect from this book by its title but, was I floored when I started reading it!

Desecration deals with the dark aspects of human psyche and has the readers wondering about the mental and emotional make-up of such people ... Joanna has made the character of Jamie so down to earth and one in which the reader can believe."

5 star Amazon review

"This book is not for the squeamish or faint of heart ... It freaked me out and I loved it! The heroine Jamie Brooks takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions ... I hope J.F. Penn keeps writing forever. Her books are a treat for readers."

Gillian F
5 star Amazon review

"Desecration will have you begging for more books with Jamie and Blake ... An excellent read, not only for crime readers but also for those fascinated with death, the supernatural, and the macabre. There are body snatchings, secret societies, teratology [genetic monsters], body modification, psychic readings, and more."

Jane V B
5 star Amazon review

A serial killer stalks London

When rebellious detective Jamie Brooke is assigned to a murder at an anatomy museum, she enlists the help of Blake Daniel, a museum researcher with the supernatural ability to read the history of objects.

Together they must find the killer in a race against time, even as they battle their own personal struggles.

A crime thriller trilogy with a supernatural edge.

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Customer Reviews

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Steve Bonczyk
Great book

Wow, this is a little cracker. I couldn’t stop reading till I’d finished it. Having read other books by this author and enjoyed every one I couldn’t wait to read this one. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this from the first page to the last. Now I have to read the next one. Highly recommended.

Ronel Janse van Vuuren
The dark side of medical history

A dark thriller full of the evil side of medical history and the modern-day nutcases who still want to cut into the living, un-anaesthetised flesh to find the secrets of the body.

Body snatching, grave-robbing, abduction, and experimenting on people on the fringes of society is just the tip of the iceberg. Looking into corpses turned into art for various purposes, the legality of doing so, and where the ethical and moral lines should be between furthering scientific inquiry and feeding macabre curiosity, is explored in this novel.

Jamie starts out just doing her job: and then it gets personal when it involves her daughter. Great characterisation and motive.

With all the blood, gore, and gross body parts in jars, what actually bothered me was the animal abuse… Go figure.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book with its medical history, macabre secret society, bit of the paranormal, loads of heartache, and the kick-ass female detective who survives it all and vows to live.